Monday, October 02, 2006

mostly random

a long weekend almost always leads to randomness of most things, particularly thoughts/views. here is randomness itemized

a.there is so much sameness in all tv channels that it doesn't matter which one you are watching at any moment. "same story, different people"
b.remix of music, remake of movies and now re-birth of gandhian values as "gandhigiri". rehashing is so very "in" our times
c.if there ever was a survey on what urban india lacks most. it would not surprise to see "humility, respect and regard, patience" figure out prominently
d.ash is so made up, her interviews are such a drag.sush is showing her age, don't know if "zindagi rocks" but she does.
e.does it make you a better if you are valued more or does it make you nicer if you value something more.essentials have always been valueless. think water is good to be a good listener, it is good to be nice and kind to people, it is not good to be a good listener and also nice and kind to people. if you are, you just end up being a 1-800-whatever.worse it is toll-free
g.dipika padukone redefines beauty. all hail the queen
h.another lady chairwoman bites the dust. google about computer make HP's many times in the history have we seen that women power might not be right power. from cleopatra to carly, many have succumbed to femme fatale.many will. men, oh poor men, when will you learn
i.why do human beings crave for whats others. there is enough in this universe to make everyone happy. malcom nash did not win noble for nothing. "game theory, game on"
j.umrao jaan, jaan-e-mann, dhoom-2-big releases all but none bigger than DON. if promos are anything to go by, as Don himself says "it is impossible to catch Don"

ps: did a spellcheck and totally impressed with the new blogger beta spell check. google rulz