Friday, November 24, 2006

on happenings - normal and normal not..

it has been nearly 2 months ( that is nearly half a quarter ) since mr.k had something to say here, and fortunately or unfortunately for you, ( totally based on your perspective ) some ir-relevant happenings come under scrutiny here.

thought about the happenings of the last two months in, around and everywhere in the world and decided to categorize them in to the normal and the not-so normal. so here we go.

1. the firm has now spun-off and officially it would be two by mid 07.
- it has got most people interested and in-"{some cases" nervous, now that is normal.
- there are people who would have to be part of this new entity, who want to stay back -
now that is not so normal.
- and there are someothers who want to go the other way - normal? not so normal?. or
maybe it is just personal ;P
2. a 3 year old kid of a bigshot in a reputed software firm is kidnapped.
- the parents are distraught and want less media intrusion and media responds in the way
it does "irresponsibly" - normal
- the boy comes back, the parents are happy, the police are thanked and the media doesn't
have a clue as to what transpired ?. not so normal "investigative journalism"
3. britney spears divorces kevin federline (i belive she texted "oops, i did it again" to him to tell that)
- two babies in two years and then irreconcilable differences :)...dare to think of how many
federlines if they were not having any differences :)..really "not so normal" behavior
- hey, the heartbroken kev is now threatening britney that she could have " i had a paris" thats so "normal". yes ms.spears you did do it again..and again..and again..:D
4. share music. listen to music. enjoy music
- when you share music with others and they listen and have a good time, its such a beautiful
thing, music does bring a sense of serenity. its a normal thing
- but when it is sharing music that is equivalent to a strange cosmic activity, it is quite 'not so
normal' but this is just 'not so normal' but NICE. very NICE
5. sporting headlines
- the "money grabbing models" who pretend as "cricketers" got thrashed by proteas and
punter pummelled the poms to submission on the first day of the most expected test series
that we have to say "its not just normal, but boring". so much for close contests.
- thorpedo retired at 24. chelsea lose a uefa cup match (barcelona is crying foul) - strange

Monday, October 02, 2006

mostly random

a long weekend almost always leads to randomness of most things, particularly thoughts/views. here is randomness itemized

a.there is so much sameness in all tv channels that it doesn't matter which one you are watching at any moment. "same story, different people"
b.remix of music, remake of movies and now re-birth of gandhian values as "gandhigiri". rehashing is so very "in" our times
c.if there ever was a survey on what urban india lacks most. it would not surprise to see "humility, respect and regard, patience" figure out prominently
d.ash is so made up, her interviews are such a drag.sush is showing her age, don't know if "zindagi rocks" but she does.
e.does it make you a better if you are valued more or does it make you nicer if you value something more.essentials have always been valueless. think water is good to be a good listener, it is good to be nice and kind to people, it is not good to be a good listener and also nice and kind to people. if you are, you just end up being a 1-800-whatever.worse it is toll-free
g.dipika padukone redefines beauty. all hail the queen
h.another lady chairwoman bites the dust. google about computer make HP's many times in the history have we seen that women power might not be right power. from cleopatra to carly, many have succumbed to femme fatale.many will. men, oh poor men, when will you learn
i.why do human beings crave for whats others. there is enough in this universe to make everyone happy. malcom nash did not win noble for nothing. "game theory, game on"
j.umrao jaan, jaan-e-mann, dhoom-2-big releases all but none bigger than DON. if promos are anything to go by, as Don himself says "it is impossible to catch Don"

ps: did a spellcheck and totally impressed with the new blogger beta spell check. google rulz

Sunday, September 17, 2006

five years on

for this post, mr.K sheds his initials and takes the centerstage. he becomes I.

last week most of us would have read or seen in media or heard that five years have passed since the once tallest building in the world WTC came crashing down and gave a new meaning to 911. for many of the most who saw, read, heard it definitely was nothing much to ponder upon. for me, it was different as it made me have a "i was there" moment. so made me sit and post this account of my 911 story

the night before i had stayed up late at office and hence slept and woke up late. it was an important production release day. i had reached nyc couple of months back and all the work has been done and now it was to be moved live production and then everybody could have their heinekens and buds. the earlier night excursions made me miss the path train that i normally used to take everyday. i had to take the next one and maybe it was all destiny that i had to take that, cause the one that i missed was the last one to reach WTC station for that day and most people out of that train were just coming out of the station when the first plane hit the towers. fortunately, i do think that there was none out of that train who got hurt. so i was there in the next train hoping to reach office as early as possible, when the security announced that the train would stop in newport and would not go to wtc as there has been an accident at the destination site. i thought, hmmm interesting start to the day but i did not have any clue as to what is in store, took the train to the 33rd hoping i would get down at christopher and take a cab to downtown manhattan where work was. so i went on my plan. got out of the station and started walking downtown. walking in manhattan has its charm. it is a beautiful thing to do. the aroma of cofi, the bagels, the women, the empire and the wtc. but coming out of the station, the first thing i noticed as did everybody was that there was fire at the top part of wtc. rumors indicated that it was possibly a coast guard copter which hit the building. so i started walking with all vigor with nothing but production release on mind. no cab, just walked and walked till i reached city hall. and thats where i could see fbi officers along with nypd asking people to move away. thats where i stopped and saw the wtc burning and saw someone fall from the building. it was horrific. thats when it hit me that it was not just an accident but something disastrous. i always had my nikon slr with me and i took a picture immediately - (you could see it at the bottom) but then was asked to move by the officers. i had to reach my work but could not walk down broadway as it was cordoned off, so i took the tributaries and reached water street. water is about 6 blocks away from wtc. for the first time that morning, i forgot about production release, stopped at a corner, looked at wtc and wondered - "the guys who built it must have been really good, the building seems to have withstood the hit" and just about when i was giving the full stop to my thoughts, the first building fell down. i gasped, so did many near me - i couldn't fathom what was happening. it was like in movies, the tower fell down on itself and the boulders flew. i was stuck in awe and then realized that i would rather run now. the smoke covered downtown and rubbles on hand, hair etc..ran for a while and took refuge in the nyu building. thats where i could first time feel tension, real tension in the air. trust me, the eyes of everyone out there were filled with nervous energy. plenty of hot college girls but all everybody could think was "what the hell is happening". there was this bearded guy who came running like he had run from hell and he was the first one who told others that this was not just an accident but an act of "T". the tension in peoples hearts rose 100 notches higher. someone turned on the radio and there was the breaking news - "america attacked". 30 minutes we were holed up. the smokes just about cleared, everyone wanted to get out, i was no different - got out only to find the second tower go down. so back we went again inside the building. no one knew what was happening. everybody were thinking surely about GOD. then someone announced that there is a possibility that the whole lower manhattan could explode due to the poisonous gases from the steel structure and everyone need to evacuate as soon as possible. we walked out of the building, headed down. if anyone has seen the movie "siege" it was exactly what it was. only thing we did not have denzel and bruce along with us. i was thinking to myself, should i go along with all these strangers - there was this serbian guy who was totally new to nyc who was asking me directions. i guided him and then told myself the best way to be safe now was to reach the office. i did that and there was absolutely no telephone connectivity working. very few people were there. a lot of them did not turn up based on excellent advise from a certain mr.I from london :). i got a call from mr.I talking about what he is seeing in CNN. i don't exactly remember what i told him but it was something on the lines of "dude, its much more worse seeing it in person and somehow i have managed to reach office, but have no clue how we are going to get home back cause there is no transportation in nyc and we probably have to walk 100 miles to reach new jersey". the next few hours, i had made sure that i had called my siblings who were in other parts of usa at that time to tell them iam safe and also called up Hyderabad folks to inform that most of our guys are safe and sound.

finally after 4 hours or so, we heard the news that path is arranging ferry back to NJ from south street seaport. we got in to it and i can never forget how quickly the new york folks got the supplies. everyone was given a poland spring bottle and chocolate cookie. on the ferry, all we could see was smoke - there was one guy who was telling i never ever took a pic of wtc, always thought i could do it tomorrow and now there would be no tomorrow. in my case, that was probably the building that i took the most pictures - unfortunately one of them happened to be in it burning. just two weeks back, i was with few other guys at the top of the wtc and on that ferry cruise, it was all different. nyc had lost its charm. people had lost lives.

the next month and half was gloomy and dark. f16 were on nyc skies, men in uniform everywhere and swiss air went bankrupt :). this meant i had to get some weird crazy travel plans made , which made me travel via dubai. it was again another round of tension that BA told me that my luggage would not have a thru transfer to IA in dubai. i had one hour between the flights and i had no clue what to do except pack everything in my cabbin baggage. i still laugh when i see that it was 15 kgs hand luggage i carried that day. so there i was all set to fly out of nyc when cnn reported that afghan war has begun. all bridges in nyc were closed :). and my i-94 expiring that day. somehow BA did not cancel the flight and i reached JFK. they also made me happy by saying that they would do a through check in. i called up my siblings, told them things are just fine, sitting in the lobby sipping coffee and talking to a guy near me about something he wanted. next thing i notice there are 5 people waving their badges and taking the guy i was talking to for detention. it was all too much for me and all i wanted was to get in to the flight. they had sniffer dogs on my flight and finally it started an hour late. and i can't explain how much of a relief i had that day when finally after transiting via london and dubai, i reached hyderabad.

ps: 5 years later, i had again gone this time to usa. happened to work with a guy who used to work with cantor, who fortunately went late to his office that day only to see there was no office anymore and lost lot of his friends. and Ground Zero looks like a automobile junkyard. pity to think that there stood once the world's most inspirational building.

mr.k and his 26 "mortal heroes"

in many ways, this post is a sequel to the previous one, after dishing about superheroes and why we need them, thought process shifted direction towards "mortal heroes". another that was running amok on the brain cells was what if i was forced to name one "mortal hero" for every english habit, would we have that this attempt is to use every english alphabet ( for the fear that i would end up not using 24 )

its easy to find "mortal heroes" everywhere - quite a lot walk this earth, but in the next few blocks of writing, i am going to restrict them to mr.k's sports heroes and list out his 26 headliners.

lets start..
A - the first alphabet is very simple to fill..look no further than the las vegas punk kid who grew up to become sexiest buddha man sports ever knew - Andre Agassi - bandana, broken marriages, bald head, blistering return of service. winning a challenger event one year and the french next year, if thats not heroic, nothing is (anil kumble ran a close second)
B - could have said Boom Boom Boris quite easily but have to give it out to Brett Favre - american football's mean tough quaterback. months after losing his father and brother-in-law and hours after finding out his wife has cancer - leads his team to divisional title - simply stunning
C - chrissie, chrissie, chrissie..has women's tennis ever seen a more demure player, elegance coupled with that single minded determination to be the best. where are players like evert anymore
D - it would have been easy to say the Don, but having never seen him play its got to be Derek Jeter. even the die-hard boston red sox fan would find it difficult to fault the yankee captain for anything, not even his growing celebrity list of ex-girlfriends
E - eeeeeeee ?
F - world cup 2006 went to italy and one man made it possible more than anyone - Fabio cannavaro. his initials might be "F" but there was nothing "F" about his performance, it was a straight "A++"
G - the pigeon of ancient delivered mails accurately, the pigeon of australia delivers his overs accurately - glenn mcgrath - stand up and salute this guy
H - easy to choose, Harry Potter :)..he is the star of Quidditch. no seriously for all the bribery allegations, no captain lead his team as respectfully as Hansie Cronje, GOD rest his soul in peace
I - once the playboy pathan now turned the pitiable politician, but in between the two roles, he dorned the role of pride pakistani many times - captain marvel, Imran Khan Niazi
J- Justin Langer, just for the sheer number of times he has got hurt in his helmet and continued to battle - short in stature, tall in grit
K - still the only captain to have won the WC for India - the haryana hurricane - kapil dev nikhanj, if only he could do better commentary
L - livestrong lance
M - martina (both hingis and navratilova), michael(both jordan and schumacher), muthaiah, magic all are heroes, but the best of them is the one who made the horse prancing all over again, schumi made F1 what it is today - all rise for the KING
N - N for nobody :). (though mr.k did think of nadia comenci for the perfect 10 and natasha zverava for the imperfect 6-0,6-0 )
O - obi wan kenobi and his jedi trix with the light sabres :)..or maybe oliver kahn with his goalie tricks
P - sorry patrick, i simply loved the way you played tennis and you looked - but Pistol Pete is the MAN (14 grandslams and that stunning wife to boot) not bad not bad at all
Q - well Q becomes Q? and mr.k does not have any A for that
R - one is a poetry in motion, GOD wielding his tennis racquet to create beauty and the other is a wall that stands tall - Roger and Rahul, thank you for all the beauty
S - so many so many - Steffi, Stefan, Shane, Sachin but for a "waugr", you need a waugh - steve that is and who can forget the Udayan thing he does so well.
T- in wild wild Woods Tiger a sport where along with the white balls the players are also predominately white, this man changed it and now owns it. a true hero
U - U, i mean U all, ofcourse all of you out there are heroes in your own right
V - Sir Viv Richards. the nonchalance, the brute, the arrogance, the talent and yes - the Queen bestowed him with knighthood
W - the sultan of swing - dire straits were thinking about wasim akram
X - mr X
Y - Y is not there anYone.?
Z - the one with the enlightened head, paris -19 98 - the head knocks in two goals that knock down brazil, berlin - 2006, the head knocks down not the ball but mad marco, what an end to the most fascinating frenchman of all time, the butt(well headbutt, you perverts) that mortalised the divine Zizou - Zinedine Zidane

and that ladies and gentleman were mr.k's picks and you can observe that we could use more than two letters in our daily lives

Sunday, August 20, 2006

why we need superheroes...

in america, there are republicans and then there are democrats. in england, there are conservatives and there are india there are....hmmm...well forget it - there are just so many divisions and sub-divisions that you need to make your brain a calculator. with so much diversity prevalent in people, mr.k is convinced that if you ask anyone if they like peter parker, clarke kent, bruce wayne or they would prefer their masked versions (spiderman, superman and batman), there would be an unanimous reply.."give me the masked one anyday"

we love heroes - those who protect you by fighting wars, those who stand up for truth, those who are winners in sporting arena..but our love grows super-sized when it comes to super-heroes. why do we adore our super-heroes so much? why do we want them to succeed at all cost? why as kids we wished that we were them?..why as adults we are frustrated that we are not them?

is it our inability to face up to troubled times?. is it our greed to have everything easy in life? are we finding it hard to accept our weaknesses? is it a need for us to be loved by everyone?

probably we are embarassed by our misgivings, probably we are shy of our feelings, probably we are scared of our emotions, probably we need a hideaway...

or it might be just a simple reason - it allows us to dream, to fantasize, to forget all our pains, to shine and to win..

it is the reason, why we love when batman when he solves the riddler. it is the reason, why we love superman when he de-flexes the lex luther, it is the reason, why we love spiderman spin many a web on the bad men..

super-heroes give us hope..a hope that will make us commit to ourselves to "float on"..and we don't want them to stop giving us hope..

it is why we all would love to see "apna" sachin score a boundary that will make us india the world champions next year in the is why we are energised by seeing srk say "iam the king" in don and wish for don to be a super-hit..

~ bring on the mask

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

what were you thinking mr.johar

have an honest confession to make. mr. K was waiting for KANK. was quite intrigued by the publicity and bollywood opening up to extra marital affairs and all that. added to it was the fact that SRK was in the movie and mr.K believed that SRK would finally silence the talk about big B and make the canvas his own. mr.K had read bad reviews of the movie but was still looking forward to seeing the new dharma productions magnum opus

after watching (okay guys, i typed tolerating) the movie through the whole length of it, i have to admit, it is my favorite pick right now - not for the oscars, but for one of the worst horrors in indian cinema history.

1. srk - looked old..was in a spiteful mood throughout the movie..his character Dev (is he worth having such a name after this performance) was soul-less and brain-less.. what was srk thinking, when he signed up for this movie
2. big B - don't think he needs to do such roles to make more money..wasn't funny at all mr.AB
3. preity zinta - is no more pretty and has no more zing..tried too hard to show she is a (pretty) gal..what a waste
4. rani - less said the better..
5. ab baby - extremely matured performance, the only positive in the movie..stands tall and stands out tall for his acting
6. karan johar - with the story he has scripted, it is quite easy to understand why he is a queer..
7. the story - such a flawed one really understands why srk and rani are not happy with their partners..

after seeing the movie, have to confess that the reviews were rather generous..if you are totally pissed with someone and you want them to have a good evening - gift them tickets to this movie..if you have plenty of time on your hands, stay away from KANK..


Monday, June 12, 2006

when more is less

"it all starts with an all starts with all starts with intrigue
it all grows like all flows like all makes you wanting more
it all ends like it did in all ends embarassing all ends with you being eaten..."

ever wondered how HE made us all so different in every conceivable manner and yet gave us all one similar trait, that entertains HIM endlessly...endless evolutions and countless creations and one constant force that binds us all - "We all Want MORE with a M..."..and "We all end making our lives LESS with a L"

how do we humans - born with such absolute innocence - live our lives like lunatics wanting everything more with so much naivety do end up being so ignorant that we complicate all things not realizing its the simplicity that made the ride an happy one..and how do we end up not able to find the innocence lost..

ever thought about it ?...

well you're in your little room
and you're working on something good
but if it's really good
you're gonna want a bigger room
and when you're in the bigger room
you might not know what to do
you might have to think of
how you got started in your little room da da da

-- white stripes

after "three" days

its not a movie title - its just the number of days that has passed till the 2006 edition of the soccer world cup was kicked off in Munich. so after 72 hours, these are some of the thoughts that are refusing to die..

1. whats the bigger worry in german camp now.."is it their young defence, who look like who can leak a goal like a new born baby anytime" or "the supposed clash between the inspirational ballack and the once inspirational klinsmann..hopefully for germany's sake, this doesn't turn out to be like chappell-ganguly spat"..
2. germany can score..and bring on ballack and they can score at will..
3. england played like true englishman - dull, dour and dumb..their post match interviews were also in-sync with their english spirit..whine whine and whine more..
4. argentina play football like vienna orchestra...with their genius riquelme conducting the orchestra and the rest playing to his tunes perfectly..imagine what would happen when messi steps in to spotlight..
5. "Go oranje"..thats my "uno" team for the world cup...they dominated their possession but their attack lacked bite and let me is chewing his nails and worried if oranje can beat ivory coast and argentina..
6. portugal played well..score sheet does not justify their talent..they can go deep in to this tournament..but don't expect them to win.
7. good job by the carribbean least they are better than their cricketing brothers..

what to watch out for
azzuris...can they put their match fixing scandal behind them and gel has long been an admirer of the azzuris, ever since the "divine ponytail" dazzled in the 90 and 94 editions..lady luck has not been kind to the boyz from the "shoe shaped land" but this could be the year..after all when they last won the world cup in 1982, some of their key players like rossi were banned for match fixing..if totti can play as well as he does when entertains the crowds of rome, the italians have it in them to win the world cup..

so after three days, i am not complaining, two of the my four favorites - dutch and argentina have won and the two remaining - italy and spain look strong..

forza italia..go argentina..exult espana..

footnote - did roger federer blew his chance to win all four..:(..

Monday, June 05, 2006

jesus, now what did we do..

here we go again..another movie got its boot - not only by critics but also the "so called religious morality groups". we ( mr.k and i ) are talking about ron howards critically panned movie adaptation of dan brown's "the da vinci code". the movie has been banned in quite a few states in india as most people ( read "the guys who are bothered only about votes") claim that the movie distorts biblical history. the movie claims that Jesus married mary magdalene, who gave birth to HIS kins. this truth - the book (and hence the movie) says has been hidden from humans for ages. it goes on to suggest that there is an existence of "templar knights" who guarded JC's descendants and the church went on a violent spree to extinguish these knights and hence the truth.

this controversy (no one knows if there is any truth to it) is an headache for the church to handle, but the truth of the matter is it is far too much of an headache for indian politcal system. wonder why the countries in europe, americas and australasia don't seem to have a problem with the movie, but India does. when the POPE in vatican does not go on any media asking for the ban of the movie, bishops in India do. are these guys talking their mind, or they talking what they have been asked to by the so called "secular" politicos of our country. whatever be the source of this protests, it seems to have achieved its cause and the movie has been banned, depriving of many cine-goers to get a glimpse of the beautiful audrey tautou ;-) {forget the movie, it is not much to talk about }. if JC did bear children and someone like ms.tautou was a descendant, one thing i can say is JC and MM ( Mary Magdalene for clarification) must have been very beautiful people.

as the movie gets banned these are the few things to ponder..

1. the movie was going to be released most likely only in multiplexes - where people of learned origin frequent and must surely possess enough intellect to understand its fiction
2. the movie goers were probably going to be spending more time debating on "book vs movie - which is better" than the "the biggest lie that was told to the world"
3. surprising that women groups did not want to press for the movie to be shown, as the whole idea behind leo da vinci's philosophy was that "feminine divinity" was deprived of its value by "the power hungry men"..
4. our politicians are useless and run our system like mafia
5. its going to be good time for movie piracy :)

my personal take on this thing is that we just don't seem to make crazy decisions based on religion and will continue to do so..ensuring we remain a "intellectually under-developed nation"
after all as tom hanks says to ms.tautou at the end "do you really want to tell the truth, do you really want to throw doubts in to the minds of millions faith, do you want to shake the very foundations of the system"?.. let me answer to that a) in the context of christianity, no - let the doubts not permeate the faith b) in the context of indian political system, what do you guys think?

Jesus, are you having a nice laugh up there with the games people play :)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

so which animal are you ?

few days back, Mr.K was treated to a very nice blog "On Humans" by Mr.Monologue ( it was quite an irony, that when Mr.K was reading the blog, he was also listening to Pink Floyd's 1977 - "the forgotten album" - animals.

animals was roger waters' most personal take on "us humans". inspired by Orwell's "Animal Farm", waters came up with a brilliantly written masterpiece. it was darker than the dark side of the moon, lyrically stronger than "the wall". the orchestration in the album was brilliant, the guitars was terrific and yet it failed miserably - the failure that made waters hide behind the wall..

Mr.K has his own views on why it failed but first lets look at what waters was talking about. the album metaphorically looks at humans as three groups of animals..
a) sheeps - the mindless, powerless people who get abused day in and day out and don't even realize that they are abused, they have become slaves to the abuse and quite enjoy it,
b) the dogs - the greedy, ever hungry, ruthless and materialistic ones, who will do anything to get to where they want. these people don't have feelings or emotions. they work only on a materialistic level.
c) the pigs - these are the most interesting breed - the ones who are in abundance in this world, that waters called them "three different ones"
the grade a kind are the supersmart, superevil, sauron/chancellor palpatin kinds - those who prey with others minds, the ones who train dogs and get them to do the things for themselves
the grade b kind are the hypocritic, gutless, integrity and value less, "the ones who will sell themselves for their own benefits" short these are the ones who are the most pathetic of all humans..they are in one word "untrustworthy"..remember they are hypocrites, so they give inconsistent opinion on similar happenings in different ways for their own advantage..the ones that you have to fear the most, cause there are so many around you and you get to know that you were around one, only when you get hit by a tornado.
the grade c kind are the "dirty ones". the ones who entertain themselves at others expense..they think dirt, they eat dirt and they live in dirt..and make others lives a misery by constantly throwing dirt..
the one thing that waters says that binds all these three kinds is that "they are all ones who understand only feelings/emotions that matter to them and get overtly sensitive, when things upset them but they are just so blind to what happens to others..they, my friends are the most vile"..and they are constantly evolving to be much better in their job :)". of them the lyrics go..

"Ha ha charade you are.You house proud town mouse,Ha ha charade you are.You’re trying to keep feelings off the street.You’re nearly a real treat,All tight lips and cold feet,And do you feel abused?'

for all its truth, the album did not sell much because it was far too abusive of ourselves and us humans can never take that. we have so much problems/pains in our lived that we need an outlet for our joy..and Mr.K had his thoughts turned to joy by two the way the monologue ended
"some of the more educated-and-the-so-called-well-bred people from all over have left me disappointed and shattered my faith that educations makes people more thoughtful, it is incidents like these that make me happy for mankind"

and the other - jack black on tv..tell you what, while you figure out "what kinda animal you are " {my thinking is most of us are polymorphic - but lets just try not to be pigs }", let me go get myselves some more of and smaller pleasures of our lives..

Thursday, May 18, 2006


one of the blogs that Mr.K frequents is this particular blogger has a curious mix of writings on digital media and nba, an extremely odd mix some would say. at first glance, it would look like some "maverick"s ranting..but keep reading and you get fascinated. more so once you realize that the blogger goes by the name "mark cuban",the billionaire owner of Dallas Mavericks and HDNet - the guy who made so much money during digital boom of the late 90's. his mode of travel - my friends - a cool personal boeing that would give mr.president some food for thought..

an interesting thing that happened last week was a blog post by cuban..cuban has always been someone, who is shamelessly forthright. never one to hide this thoughts and a strong believer of the "land of liberty's first amendment". in the post, cuban let rip his thoughts on the way nba playoffs officiating works..the gist of it was that nba was being too socialistic trying to reward a lot of people and ending up screwing up the system. what happened after this post was more interesting..

a) the powers that be in nba fined cuban 200,000$ dollars for his blog comments..
b) the officials then went far too soft on the mavs's next two games against the spurs and the mavs find themselves one win in their homecourt short of western conference finals..

this was one killer corporate strategy, wasnt it - rant and sound like a whiner but float seeds of doubt on your opponents - lose the battle, but win the war..sun tzu would have been proud of our maverick..come across like an idiot, boot yourself a bill of 200,000$ and end up winning 10 million dollars for each game win cause the officals are afraid to piss you off now..the most striking thing about this is the medium used - "blog". dare i say friends, do we have a new media that has the potential to rival media houses..people like cuban are taking it to the next level, so don't stay behind - get yourself a nice drink and setup yourselves in blogspot and blogaway ;)..


the other unrelated part of this blog now deals with one of the most endearing and at the same time, most hated character in the history of english fiction " gollum smeagol"..the embodiment of "multiple personality disorder, bipolar, schizophrenic, twin faced .." there is a lot out there to know about gollum's story and his love for "his precious"..but what does provoke some thought is "He hated it and loved it, as he hated and loved himself. He could not get rid of it. He had no will left in the matter - LOTR". makes mr.K wonder if all of us did have a "gollum inside their smeagol".. a gollum that is created by desire, attachment and wants..we all have our "precious" and we all have our "we needs it, we needs our precious, we hates it, we hates thieves" times..

the precious is laughing and making a fool of us..find a hobbit soon to destroy it..:)

ps: have added a wonderful blog in the more blogs section. - it is run by a pal and ex employee of the firm..way to go labnol -

Saturday, April 29, 2006

on memoirs..

"someday, when i am awfully low
swept under cold wind's blow
in darkness, i will feel a glow
when memoirs of you flow"
--- Amaterasu-ō-mi-kami ( date unknown / place unknown )

happened to come across the writing above few weeks back. was impressed by the four lines - more so considering the fact that Ms. ō-mi-kami considers this as her first attempt at english soulful writing.

mr.k's thought on this was that it was almost like "vikram Seth doing a collaborative piece with eminem".

so soulful in its lyric like seth yet so hip-hoppish like eminem in its texture..

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

whats eating "suri"s mom

yes, ladies and gentleman, this question has been on Mr.K's for sometime now. If you are lost, we are talking about Ms.Katie Holmes.

Pictured to the right is the very beautiful Ms.Holmes before she met tom cruise. Here is an extremely talented actress, who has achieved considerable success in tv serials and had a breakthrough commercial hit in "Batman Begins". She is in her mid twenties, a career that is on the upside and finds herself as "the lady i love" of this universe's bonafide most successful superstar - Tom Cruise. Everything looks just as rosy as her cheeks - or is It?

Ms.Holmes seemed so much in love and exhibited an exuberance in her expression of love for her man, which has not been seen on Hollywood for ages. Don't believe me?. Check out the picture at the top left.

They looked like "Americas's ( Oops ) even Europe's and APAC's sweethearts". Even Oprah's Sofa was not spared Tom's antics.

But what's this -a very pregnant Ms.Holmes looking like - she needs a better shoulder than Tom's to cry.

every news magazine and news channel have had something to say about TomKate (Not Tomcat - you nerds ), but the picture reveals more than any journalist can.

1) Is she just a pawn in the whole scientology gimmick - just forced in to a relatioship with Mr.Cruise to bear a child for Scientology cult

2) Do you even believe that Tom could be the father of the kid - considering his mysterious divorce from Nicole Kidman and his preference for "Brokeback Mountain" ranches :)

3) Is she doped - drugged - brainwashed to keep giving a dazed smile and look to the cameras.

whatever it is, it surely isn't sitting pretty on Mr.K. It is quite depressing to see this "TomKat" and maybe it is time we sold some purple silicone wrist bands with the words "please help me save katie"..

Okay - got to check on "Brangelina" now..Adios

Friday, April 07, 2006

Boring?Interesting?Same Old

that was the question posed by SS to Mr.K about his present stay in the "land of liberty"....all questions find answers..this one finds itself a blog.

Mr.K was going through a writers block -even pleaded with google/msn/yahoo for help by asking them "i dunno what to blog, can you help me" - and what did these "triumvirate of Seek Information Inc" tell me..they gave me peep in to blogs of depressed, bored and sad people..the interesting thing was most of these blogs were from south east asian girls..Maybe boredom and depressions runs deep in those parts of the world. I wasn't surprised that these giants of electronic search tried selling “boredom and depression". Once you sell "BaD", you could sell everything in this world to drive it and you could have for yourself a sect of addicted customers.

oops, there we go in to detours - the blog was supposed to answer the "?"<> , so lets see what’s been happening with Mr.K in "Garden State - 07960". {remember Beverly Hills 90210}

Mr.K set foot on "stars and stripes" nation at the airport named after the most charismatic president of this country (Sorry Miss Lewinski, your Mr.President loses out in my opinion) is quite appropriate that JFK airport is in NYC. New York, New York with its Manhattan and wonderful Hudson and Bridges brings out an energy that needs to be experienced. It is a city, which never sleeps and where dreams meet reality. On the way, Mr.K passed through Downtown and Hoboken. It was nostalgia (okay i abused this word..its not as if Mr.K was seeing Hoboken after 30 years )..anyways the hotel where Mr.K is put up is a very good one. its a nice suite with kitchenette..his place of work is about 3 miles from the hotel. the hotel shuttle takes care of his commute. His weekends are spent in "that college town where Mr.Einstein and Mr.Nash became famous". It is such a beautiful, quaint town that one falls in love instantly with the place.

Weekdays are at work and work is is like a sandwich , no lets do it again --it is like a burrito, which has its share of beans (boredom), rice (rewards), lettuce(long hours) and yes lots of salsa (satisfaction). Work is something that you keep doing to KO people and in the end of the day you finish it all and end up KO and that is why my friends i equate Work to Burrito - cause there is this legend in the "the lone star state" about the Sparrow that had a "Burrito 'a't one go" and got KOd and found a "nurterer"..anyways my friends, Mr.K has always believed "work while you work and play while you play" and we will talk about his "texas hold em" poker nite. This was the first time he was playing the game and so were few other people. It was an awesome nite, with apple martini and sangria ( cocktail of red wine, vodka, rum, triplesec, strawberry) and a reference rules book. The game started with 8 participants and 10$ entry..Mr.K had the rookie luck and won the first looked like a good day to play poker..and after that round after round Mr.K kept losing money till the most amazing round of the nite was was a high stakes, high voltage round - from a starting bet of quarter, it was left to 3 people fighting out..the stakes reached 4$ each for two rounds..and then it was mutually decided that the round should end as 2 of the 3 would end up losing quite an were turned and "rookie luck again", Mr.K beat the others in the smallest of margins and won 34$ ..after further rounds of cards and awesome domino's pizzas and company politics till 2ish in the morning, Mr.K ended up richer by 20$ was a game of luck and as the nite ended, there was one guy who said something profound " it is better to be born lucky than smart"

At the place where Mr.K is put up, there are loads of sales people of the firm who turn up for the training..and lots of them are just stunning looking the evening is always quite interesting - tell you what, from Beer Ads to Cars to Cosmetics to now Payroll, Good Looking Women know how to sell..don't call me retarded, but it is a fact that beauty is as powerful as brains..Looks like "if it is better to be born lucky, it is even better to be born good looking"

how can i not write about that beautiful white thing that is now in possession of Mr.K. Yes, for all those electronic wizkids, i am talking about that cool IPOD (Iconic Personal Object of Delight ) [wow i made up something that Mr.Jobs would love to hear]..and this one plays video to boot..its cool and yes it is a gift. "its better to be born lucky, even better to be born good looking and a lot more better if you work for a client who gifts"

so we see Mr.K is having a fairly interesting time till now, and the NBA play-offs are about to start with atleast 6 teams having a chance to win it all..Mr. K is hoping that the New Jersey Nets can be that team, but it would not surprise me if is going to be either the Pistons or Spurs who take home the trophy. The baseball season has also begun and that makes me think how i wish i was Derek Jeter - "the guy who has everything..and still be humble enough that most american men have picked him the guy that they would like their gf to date"..

and oh ya before Mr.K forgets the question posed, he thinks that the stay till now has been a mixture of Interesting and boring - mostly of the former - but definitely not same old..the moments one experiences are never the same old..its always new and always different, and before we say "Good Night, Good Luck", talking of moments, Mr.K saw "Lamhe" one more time few weeks back and wonders yet again, if it was one of the most beautiful movie that was far too early in its times to succeed.

and "tujhe tujhe dekh sona" plays in that white little music player..

ps: the length of this blog got inspired by manhattan :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Paint It Yellow..

a.k.a "rang de basanti.."...if you are wondering what is"PIY" ?. It was supposed to be the title of the english version - but i think as Rakesh Omprakash Mehra transformed to Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, he dropped the idea of making it bi-lingual ( Or should i say tri-lingual, cause there was enough Punjabi thrown in to it).

The movie, that has sparked an "Awakening" in Box-Office, if not in the minds of Indian youth. The movie that has its fair share of controversies - from the defense ministry raising objections to certain parts of the story to animal rights activists demanding certain "Objectionable Content" to be removed..the movie which has even had captured the imagination of "Special Interest Goings" :) (SIG) of "The Firm" ( Disclaimer - to be taken in Right Spirit and With Right Spirit ) and now the movie has made an appearance in your "sun,moon,coffee and chatter" blog..

As Mr.Mehra waits and waltzes for "Generation to Awake", this blog gives its thought on the movie..

RanDom thoughts on Blog - I
i) technically brilliant movie..excellent cinematography..some of the shots in the movie are just simply stunning...the shot of the MIG flying high over the 4 protagonists in the green field was wonderfully executed..
ii)Mr.Mehra needs to be commended on experimenting on the style of direction and editing..the narration of the "story of present" with the "faces from the past" calls for the "Best Director" award - period. Calls for a look from "the guys who present oscars" also IMHO. Remember the dialogue in the movie where DJ says the problem with Us Indians is "we keep fighting about the past and future that we are left ****ing in the moment" was an awesome one and have to say it is good to see that the director did not fall in to that trap at least with his narrative style.
iii)the story was weak..lacked the punch the tag line of the movie..

RanDom thoughts on Blog - II
i) it was good to see that actors not named Aamir Khan were able to hold their own against him and do a creditable job..
ii) everybody says that Siddharth was the best in the movie..i might be in the minority but i thought he was lousy..have to say he can't emote, can't act and what was that stupid squealing voice of his..the only thing he did in the movie was smoke, smoke and smoke more..
iii) Sharman joshi was excellent..Kunal and the Phirang actress ( daughter of the last governor of Hong Kong ) were also very good...whats wrong with Om Puri?.. Atul Kulkarni's role was not good enough to allow himself to be as good as he can be...
iv) Soha Ali Khan suited the part..she looked cute..and wonderful dressing sense...she left a job in wall street to pursue acting - damn maybe thats why they said "Generation Awakens"...
v) aamir was aamir...
vi) honorable mention has to be made of Waheeda Rahman, Anupam Kher and Madhavan..without them the movie would not have been complete...

RanDom thoughts on Blog - III
i) the lounge they showed in the movie was awesome...if anyone knows where it is, please do let Mr.K know
ii)not sure if anyone gave it enough ears..but if you see it again, listen to the music on the FM radio when Siddharth and Aamir reach the former's's one of the best Saxophone gig you would ever hear..A.R.Rehman is a two ways about it..
iii) the music is so grows on you like wine and women :)..Mr.PG might not agree with it..

Data + Information on RBD

this section - modeled on CNN's Truth+Rumours Section

i)RBD is become such a craze that "The Firm"s branding contest even had an entry called "Rang De Basanti" ---"Banque De Associate N Groups"...but most likely it will not win the award as not many people speak/understand French in "The Firm". ( Forget French, Even English is suffering the same fate..)
ii)Mr. SBR, plays only RBD in his car stereo..if you wan't respite you can listen to Abida Parveen's Sufi songs...guess it goes with Territory ( No PUN(jab) intended )
iii)If "Rang" and vibrancy is the theme of india these days...the new coffee shop in "The City" - Mocha is in line with this is full of rang..rang and more can try the world's best coffee there - called JBM ( Jamaican Blue Mountain for all Ignorant Cofeeholics )..

But Mr.Mehra, why "Paint it Yellow" is my question...

Sunday, February 05, 2006

"The Big Three" Missed Out

Life just is not fair sometimes...Most awards are not fair all the time... How else would you explain "the big three - Mr.KVSB, Mr.IF (Damn, his initials must have been the most worshipped in computer programming) and Mr.K" not finding a mention in the 2005 Web Blog awards.

have always believed most of the awards are farce..this just vindicates my belief..talking of awards the oscar nominations are out..guess "Brokeback Mountain" will win many. SRK must be disappointed about Paheli missing out. Dunno what on the earth made this as the Indian entry, when a movie like Page3 could have been sent - it probably had a better chance ( Should i say a far better chance of being nominated ) - the simple reason being - this is the year of "Queers". Go take a look at all the nominations and Page 3 had its fair share of "Queers" in it.

Anyways lets wrap this blog with the top 10 happenings since last time we met in the blog world( No specific order of {Ir}relevance )
1) Big news to Bloggers - KVSB is now a married man. Get ready to read a lot of cooking recipes in his blog :)
2) SBR is hooked - PG gets his 50 K only next year. Still not sure if "The Bet" has been lost.
3) Roger Federer wins another Slam. (Well thats like saying the sun rises in the east ) - Martina Hingis wins a Slam (well our man Hesh helped her )
4) India were on the verge of a famous victory against Pakistan at Karachi after the first 10 overs - only to have victory snatched in the next 3 days ( i know there are a lot of people who are saying if only it was a 20/20 game). GOD save a team who cannot win after making the opposition 39/6 in a green top - tell you what, there is no point having an "aussie" coach. We need players from Oz - Dizzy, Lehmaan, Blewet, Elliot, Kasper and Martyn would be more beneficial to us than Chappell.
5)In papers - Son betrays Father and forms government with opposing party - It happens only in India. ( Truth - Son and Father are making a mockery of Indian Political System)
6)Mr K is still busy with work on weekdays and getting his house done on weekends.
7) Hero Honda "Saregamapa" has become a farce. They kicked out Himani and the finalists - Vineet and Debojit ( Good singers ) are nowhere as good as Himani is.
8) Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are having a baby. Jennifer Aniston is fuming and about to pen a "tell all" book - What a prospect. The star of "Friends" talks about "Enemy" :). More interesting fact - Jennifer and Gwyneth Paltrow supposedly spend endless hours on phone talking Mr.Pitt. Must be more interesting to tap their phone than Mr.Amar Singh
9) The capsule lift in "The Firm" malfunctioned not just once but twice. There is an interesting pattern. It fell only one floor both times. Tell you guys - these are all "Sinister Days". The interesting study of its "Fall Pattern" was obviously done by Mr. INF
10) When some one asks you what you doing - don't ever reply " Iam inhaling O2 and exhaling Co2" or its variant "i am breathing" or "iam taking breath". Though you are actually stating a fact, it is considered to be "rude","sarcastic","cold". If you were attempting to be humorous with such a reply - then you need to take a serious look at yourself. you could be in the running for "The Razzy Awards For the Most Original Stupid Humor" Award.

As they say "Anything starts with an award must end with an award - just like this blog".