Saturday, July 11, 2009

around the world..

1.some people are hoping that some people will understand (hope springs eternal)
2.some people still continue to be unpredictable ..(perhaps they like to be )
3.some people are trying too hard to be nice and friendly (keep trying)
4.some people are uncomfortable with certain things (nothing has changed unfortunately on this one. hopefully it will)
5.some people always have something picky to say ( get used to them)
6.some people are understanding how important the "right breathing technique is" ( and its a good thing to understand)
7. some people are having their hands full on multiple things ( prioritzation is key )
8. some people are not sure where they are heading (compass not showing any direction for now)
9. some people always do something stupid (and keep wondering how many lifelines)
10. some people are changing (change is happiness)

disclaimer: if you are one of the some people for any of the points above, it is purely coincidental and not intentional

Sunday, February 01, 2009

notes from the last 13 months

initially this post was supposed to be notes from last year but since we have already had a month this year - it fits in perfectly with mr.k's intrigueness in the number 13. wonder if somethings are purely 'karmic'. here is an attempt to highlight 13 notes that made the cut for this blog (you are forewarned that it is most likely to be absurd)

1. mononucleosis. rafa played his part on making fedex delivery results look awful, but it all started to go wrong for the arguably G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time) tennis player with this interestingly named viral disease mononucleosis. for the interested the wiki article:
2. the "nano" that became "nono". it was supposed to put india and more specifically the new owners of jaguar (Tata motors) on the limelight. it would still probably do but for now the tyre was punctured by a lady whose name ironically is "mamta". left orphaned.
3. but one firm is making no one feel left alone. wonderful work is being done by a company whose stock symbol is BR(nyse) with a extremely committed social organization named MVF in making lives of beautiful girls more beautiful. 
4. Indian sports. coming of age medals in olympics and stellar performance in tennis, chess, billiards thanks to mr.bindra,mr.anand,mr.advani (not the one who wants to be pm),mr.vijender, ms.mirza, mr.bhupathi, mr.paes and ...
5. "Greed is Good". Really??. Not anymore. The crash of the decade - literally through the Roofs. the reality of Realty is we don't have a concept called investment banking (at least technically). there is no more merrils, lehmanns and plenty of "nothing holdings" that would be big list by itself. In layman's terms something called "Sub-prime crisis" has worsened global economy and in a very socialistic nature all countries have gotten their share of economic downturn and all due to guys who had a very simple nature of "being greedy". for the curious "greed is good" is one of mr.k's famous dialogues from the movie "wall street"
6. Plenty of noteworthy retirements. two to mention - one - an absolutely wonderful gentleman who is sure to have been mentor to many who has walked away from IT to help the needy. Mr.K has been fortunate enough to work with him. The other who revolutionized indian cricket and the "dada" of all. What a champion captain!!. 
7. Sivakasi is losing its stranglehold as the fireworks capital of the country. we have imported ones from (no evidence, only information)- so can't mention the name of the country which goes off quite frequently. they work in a different way than the ones from sivakasi. it brings tears instead of smiles. 
8. the first ever african origin F1 champion - Lewis Hamilton. Deservedly!! Mr. Dylan - Times they are changing!!
9. and change sure it is - the first ever african american who spent some years growing up in asia and who carries a hindu GOD idol in his wallet gets to travel in Airforce - 1. Barak Obama - the 44th (some say 43rd) president of U.S.A
10. the movie of the year - not nominated for oscars but definitely the smcc award will be to 'A wednesday', brilliant. Close contenders - Rock on and Jodhaa Akbar
11. Country A says it was planned by country B. country B says they were non state actors. country A says we have the evidence. Country B says it is information. Country A says 'surgical strikes an option', Country B bans outfits and the outfits re-incarnate in different names like Hindu GODS. Country A says Country B is not doing enough. Country C,D,E till Z asks Country B to show more results and this goes on and on and on and on (Duracell and Ekta kapoor warned) till Country A politicos get back to their dirty business of booth capturing and Country B goes back to their dirty business of promoting non-state actors and every year 26/11 will be remembered as death anniversary for 209 innocent lives. Change We Need !!
12. Merriam Webster and Oxford Dictionary and all Indian literatures are reconsidering if the linguists got the meaning of the word "Satyam" incorrect. It has been passed as "Truth" for eons and couple of guys (and pretty sure a good ensemble supporting cast) with RAM's name did the "enron of India". they did indicate to all of us by naming their other company by reversing the truth. rush to website before it goes off to oblivion in a year or so. 
13. okay everyone knows slumdog millionaire isnt a great movie. its an okay movie but its going to win oscars for a.r.rehman and danny boyle. its probably going to win a lot of oscars. as with other awards many people will say it wasn't deserving but who cares - in the time of economic gloom and depression and deaths it wasn't bad at all to cheer for the underdog who took away the millions. ( and for that alone mr.k forgives danny boyle for having the audacity to write a dialogue where in the hero jamal calls his heroine latika the most beautiful woman)