Saturday, April 29, 2006

on memoirs..

"someday, when i am awfully low
swept under cold wind's blow
in darkness, i will feel a glow
when memoirs of you flow"
--- Amaterasu-ō-mi-kami ( date unknown / place unknown )

happened to come across the writing above few weeks back. was impressed by the four lines - more so considering the fact that Ms. ō-mi-kami considers this as her first attempt at english soulful writing.

mr.k's thought on this was that it was almost like "vikram Seth doing a collaborative piece with eminem".

so soulful in its lyric like seth yet so hip-hoppish like eminem in its texture..

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

whats eating "suri"s mom

yes, ladies and gentleman, this question has been on Mr.K's for sometime now. If you are lost, we are talking about Ms.Katie Holmes.

Pictured to the right is the very beautiful Ms.Holmes before she met tom cruise. Here is an extremely talented actress, who has achieved considerable success in tv serials and had a breakthrough commercial hit in "Batman Begins". She is in her mid twenties, a career that is on the upside and finds herself as "the lady i love" of this universe's bonafide most successful superstar - Tom Cruise. Everything looks just as rosy as her cheeks - or is It?

Ms.Holmes seemed so much in love and exhibited an exuberance in her expression of love for her man, which has not been seen on Hollywood for ages. Don't believe me?. Check out the picture at the top left.

They looked like "Americas's ( Oops ) even Europe's and APAC's sweethearts". Even Oprah's Sofa was not spared Tom's antics.

But what's this -a very pregnant Ms.Holmes looking like - she needs a better shoulder than Tom's to cry.

every news magazine and news channel have had something to say about TomKate (Not Tomcat - you nerds ), but the picture reveals more than any journalist can.

1) Is she just a pawn in the whole scientology gimmick - just forced in to a relatioship with Mr.Cruise to bear a child for Scientology cult

2) Do you even believe that Tom could be the father of the kid - considering his mysterious divorce from Nicole Kidman and his preference for "Brokeback Mountain" ranches :)

3) Is she doped - drugged - brainwashed to keep giving a dazed smile and look to the cameras.

whatever it is, it surely isn't sitting pretty on Mr.K. It is quite depressing to see this "TomKat" and maybe it is time we sold some purple silicone wrist bands with the words "please help me save katie"..

Okay - got to check on "Brangelina" now..Adios

Friday, April 07, 2006

Boring?Interesting?Same Old

that was the question posed by SS to Mr.K about his present stay in the "land of liberty"....all questions find answers..this one finds itself a blog.

Mr.K was going through a writers block -even pleaded with google/msn/yahoo for help by asking them "i dunno what to blog, can you help me" - and what did these "triumvirate of Seek Information Inc" tell me..they gave me peep in to blogs of depressed, bored and sad people..the interesting thing was most of these blogs were from south east asian girls..Maybe boredom and depressions runs deep in those parts of the world. I wasn't surprised that these giants of electronic search tried selling “boredom and depression". Once you sell "BaD", you could sell everything in this world to drive it and you could have for yourself a sect of addicted customers.

oops, there we go in to detours - the blog was supposed to answer the "?"<> , so lets see what’s been happening with Mr.K in "Garden State - 07960". {remember Beverly Hills 90210}

Mr.K set foot on "stars and stripes" nation at the airport named after the most charismatic president of this country (Sorry Miss Lewinski, your Mr.President loses out in my opinion) is quite appropriate that JFK airport is in NYC. New York, New York with its Manhattan and wonderful Hudson and Bridges brings out an energy that needs to be experienced. It is a city, which never sleeps and where dreams meet reality. On the way, Mr.K passed through Downtown and Hoboken. It was nostalgia (okay i abused this word..its not as if Mr.K was seeing Hoboken after 30 years )..anyways the hotel where Mr.K is put up is a very good one. its a nice suite with kitchenette..his place of work is about 3 miles from the hotel. the hotel shuttle takes care of his commute. His weekends are spent in "that college town where Mr.Einstein and Mr.Nash became famous". It is such a beautiful, quaint town that one falls in love instantly with the place.

Weekdays are at work and work is is like a sandwich , no lets do it again --it is like a burrito, which has its share of beans (boredom), rice (rewards), lettuce(long hours) and yes lots of salsa (satisfaction). Work is something that you keep doing to KO people and in the end of the day you finish it all and end up KO and that is why my friends i equate Work to Burrito - cause there is this legend in the "the lone star state" about the Sparrow that had a "Burrito 'a't one go" and got KOd and found a "nurterer"..anyways my friends, Mr.K has always believed "work while you work and play while you play" and we will talk about his "texas hold em" poker nite. This was the first time he was playing the game and so were few other people. It was an awesome nite, with apple martini and sangria ( cocktail of red wine, vodka, rum, triplesec, strawberry) and a reference rules book. The game started with 8 participants and 10$ entry..Mr.K had the rookie luck and won the first looked like a good day to play poker..and after that round after round Mr.K kept losing money till the most amazing round of the nite was was a high stakes, high voltage round - from a starting bet of quarter, it was left to 3 people fighting out..the stakes reached 4$ each for two rounds..and then it was mutually decided that the round should end as 2 of the 3 would end up losing quite an were turned and "rookie luck again", Mr.K beat the others in the smallest of margins and won 34$ ..after further rounds of cards and awesome domino's pizzas and company politics till 2ish in the morning, Mr.K ended up richer by 20$ was a game of luck and as the nite ended, there was one guy who said something profound " it is better to be born lucky than smart"

At the place where Mr.K is put up, there are loads of sales people of the firm who turn up for the training..and lots of them are just stunning looking the evening is always quite interesting - tell you what, from Beer Ads to Cars to Cosmetics to now Payroll, Good Looking Women know how to sell..don't call me retarded, but it is a fact that beauty is as powerful as brains..Looks like "if it is better to be born lucky, it is even better to be born good looking"

how can i not write about that beautiful white thing that is now in possession of Mr.K. Yes, for all those electronic wizkids, i am talking about that cool IPOD (Iconic Personal Object of Delight ) [wow i made up something that Mr.Jobs would love to hear]..and this one plays video to boot..its cool and yes it is a gift. "its better to be born lucky, even better to be born good looking and a lot more better if you work for a client who gifts"

so we see Mr.K is having a fairly interesting time till now, and the NBA play-offs are about to start with atleast 6 teams having a chance to win it all..Mr. K is hoping that the New Jersey Nets can be that team, but it would not surprise me if is going to be either the Pistons or Spurs who take home the trophy. The baseball season has also begun and that makes me think how i wish i was Derek Jeter - "the guy who has everything..and still be humble enough that most american men have picked him the guy that they would like their gf to date"..

and oh ya before Mr.K forgets the question posed, he thinks that the stay till now has been a mixture of Interesting and boring - mostly of the former - but definitely not same old..the moments one experiences are never the same old..its always new and always different, and before we say "Good Night, Good Luck", talking of moments, Mr.K saw "Lamhe" one more time few weeks back and wonders yet again, if it was one of the most beautiful movie that was far too early in its times to succeed.

and "tujhe tujhe dekh sona" plays in that white little music player..

ps: the length of this blog got inspired by manhattan :)