Friday, January 14, 2011

Bold "Pre" Dict-ions

13 hours 13 minutes post 13 days in the new year 2011 and 18 months post mr.k's last blog, here is another attempt to ink the web with randomness ..still suffering from "bloggers block" - a state where mr.k finds himself constantly, a state that can only be described in dave mathews words "So much to say, So much to say" but "i say hell is my closet and i am stuck inside" *
but one's got to start somewhere and hope it leads anywhere but nowhere, so here i start again with some bold "Pre" Dict-ions on what would happen in 2011

1. Apple will get bored of innovating products that change the world!! and change themselves to the 'big blue' firm and only talk innovation but won't do
2.Mr.Pawar will use all his Powers and magic to ensure Onion prices fall and with that the housing loan interest rates
3. RGV will finally make a movie which will run for more than a week in theatres
4. China will start issuing stapled visas for anyone visiting from Mars/Venus and ofcourse USA (after all China Sovereign Investments own most of the US Govt Securities)
5. Dippy will try erasing the tattoo on her and after multiple attempts end up erasing only the 'R'.
6. The Global Economy will actually re-Cover
7. Brangelina Home will give China and India a serious run for the money for the most populated state !!
8. Indian Politicians will take a vow to end Corruption !! and keep their word !!
9. ------ has 50 states will confuse people. will need expert advice to decide between USA and India
10. World Cup 2011 . India vs Pakistan Final. India need 1 run to win, 1 ball to go, 1 wkt in hand, Zak facing Akhtar. Crowd Roaring...Taufell extends his arm to his right.. somewhere in an unknown city called "Dubai" in a house which cannot be located "D Company" is laughing his way to riches..
11. the most popular asset that will be traded would be SNDS (Social Networks Default Swaps). you could trade on the number of folks signing up on every new Social Network site that is popping up every hour.
12. mr.k will start something new!!