Saturday, July 11, 2009

around the world..

1.some people are hoping that some people will understand (hope springs eternal)
2.some people still continue to be unpredictable ..(perhaps they like to be )
3.some people are trying too hard to be nice and friendly (keep trying)
4.some people are uncomfortable with certain things (nothing has changed unfortunately on this one. hopefully it will)
5.some people always have something picky to say ( get used to them)
6.some people are understanding how important the "right breathing technique is" ( and its a good thing to understand)
7. some people are having their hands full on multiple things ( prioritzation is key )
8. some people are not sure where they are heading (compass not showing any direction for now)
9. some people always do something stupid (and keep wondering how many lifelines)
10. some people are changing (change is happiness)

disclaimer: if you are one of the some people for any of the points above, it is purely coincidental and not intentional