Sunday, November 30, 2008

new age education

somewhere in the rough terrains of some god-forsaken place in this earth, in the name of some poor "GOD" who must be still recuperating from his mistake of letting adam and eve eat the delightfully sinful apple - 

the new-age teacher is teaching his students the english alphabets,

a for "ammunition", b for "bomb blast", c for "cyanide", d for "destruction", e for "enemy", f for "fundamentalism", g for "grenades", h for "hijack /hostage", i for "intelligent warfare", k for "kill", l for "landmines", m for "mass destruction", n for "nuclear weapons", o for "operation codenames", p for "panic", q for"Quarrel"  r for "revolvers", s for "shooting", t for "terror", u for "underworld", v for "violence", x for "xenophobe",  y for "yell", z for "zeroed in"..

{somewhere in the celestial abode, GOD is reading a blog which talks about how "frankenstein" might have been inspired by GOD's creation of human beings }

the students are all engrossed with the hypnotic teaching methods..the teacher finishes his class thanking his students in the class and those who have joined through video conference..and yes of-course, the course will be published in the net, sold on dvds etc..

the teacher appreciates all the students who have taken their baby steps to destruction..the students are so proud..

welcome to the world of terror..