Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Blog Name

Inside Scoop on my name..

My Humble Origin - The Blog Speaks

It was the "Day After" the day the rain gods cried their tears away on "The City". Turns out that someone was making a nice Justin Timberlake impersonation and singing "Cry me a River" and the Gods Obliged. Coming in the aftermath of the "Terrible Floods Caused By Rain in the City where actors go underworld" and the "The city of Mardi Gras left with less than whats on the parade girls by Hurricane K" - the scars left behind in "The City" was a lot less CNN friendly.. It just left behind few people feeling extremely cold.

The "Day After" was the day i was conceived and i didnt have to wait nine months to see the light cause "the dude who is typing what you reading" thought he had "time to kill", so here i am in front of you all.

"The Naamkaran Ceremony"

One of the most unfair thing in this universe is that the one whose naming ceremony is being celebrated never gets a chance to talk and they are left in the mercy of the creative minds of their conceivers and anyone who has even a dotted line relationship to them to come up with a name that they can be proud of. It is pretty tensed affair. It wasn't different for me. So let me tell you all what transpired.

One of the positive things about mine was that there were only three participants - so my expectation was that it would be over quickly and i would have a nice little name for myself. The damn thing was that it was the time on which the "Performance Appraisals" of our three muskeeters was in progress and it turned out that their "Bosses" also said the same thing to them like i did "Expectations Not Met".

It happened over a Phone Conference. The guy whose name shows up in my profile link (Mr.K) was discussing with Mr. INF and Mr.SBR ( I would have called him SB - but it didn't sound quite right to call him that ) about coffee, cricket, land property, appraisals, promotions etc etc etc and then it came to the task of naming me. I could go on and on about Mr.K but i would keep it crisp and short by telling you all that he is a Cancerian. Mr.INF is a sort of guy who is extremely confused about his origins - he is not sure if he is Spanish or Portuguese and he is the guy who "The Firm"'s managing director always needs to keep a eye on - both of them are good "Storytellers". Mr.SBR is a very nice guy who has always done most of the things right in his life except maybe the car he bought.

Well i know you are already feeling sorry for me and maybe some of the "Fairer Ones" are already searching for your hankies. Mr. K started out with informing the others - guys i got it, i am going to name him "Confessions of a Occupied Mind" and he was immediately given an info by Mr.SBR that the name sounds like one of those movies which falls under the genre of the movies like the one in "which Joey walks across the street". Mr.K then said okay guys - i need to name it with things that i can relate to - like how about "Camels,Trucks and Fish" or "The desert transporter" or "Silent Cacophony". All of them were real nice names, but the other two were jealous everytime Mr.K came up with his incredibly creative suggestions like "Bittersweet five cents" or "Where i end and you begin" and "Place for my head" and "Comfortably Numb". Probably the best suggestion came from Mr.INF, the ashes fever was still on the rumblings in Ozland was still being discussed and maybe this influenced him. He wanted to honour those who were held responsible for "The Original Sin - Losing Ashes" (I know a lot of people are thinking of Angelina Jolie now ) - Marto, Haydos, Dizzy and Kasper. So his suggestion was that since my birth was co-inciding with their "professional last days", i should be named "Haydos,Marto,Dizzy, Kasper and Me" - only one problem, i just don't think it would have been possible for me to get my tickets booked if i had such a big name. So it was over-ruled and discussions carried forward. Mr.SBR - the nice guy he is, he couldn't widen his thinking and kept on insisting i should be named with "Hindi word for Cottage Cheese" - he added a lot of suffixes to it like Corner, Confessions etc etc. Mr.K was not amused with the help he was getting. He thought of keeping it simple like "Scribblings" ( In hindsight its a nice one ), "Random Notes from Underground", "The Idiot" etc etc. One of the worst suggestions of the ceremony was Mr.SBR's "Careless Whisper" - Damn - linking me with George Michael of all people.

The Headway - The End

Finally guys started making some headway. Mr.INF reminded the importance of "Doormats" to everyday life and suggested "The Doormat to the Mind", Mr.K said how about "The Doormat Speaks" - I was thinking "WTF", he is a doormat - not me, why should i be named Doormat. Actually Mr.K stole my mind's thoughts, gave a wicked smile to himself and said why not "WTF". But then he realised that it would confuse me a lot cause everyone in this world everyday keep saying "WTF" and i would have thought, is that stranger calling me ?.

After 60 minutes of mindless chatter, the ceremony ended without me being named. The conference ended, Mr.K then simply decided to name me "Sun, Moon, Coffee, Chatter"...he had a reason too.. Sun cause it is the source of everything ( i intend to be one ), Moon cause it reflects ( Reflection is .... ), Coffee cause it invigorates (i hope to ) and Chatter ( You Will )...


Mr.Kay said...

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Inigo Fernando said...
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Inigo Fernando said...

Mr.K, Its very sad you chose Sun,Moon, Venus, Jupiter and all that crap as your Title. You still have an option to change that title I'll keep insisting on that with much more innovative titles. How about "Mangal Pandey and his disgusting Cacophony" You wanted that word and you get it- Mr.INF.

Satba said...

WTF !! :-)

Satba said...

The best name comes when you dont expect it. So wait for the unexpected and you can expect the expected out of the unexpected !

Welcome to the world of blogging !

When is Mr. SBR starting his blog ?