Tuesday, April 25, 2006

whats eating "suri"s mom

yes, ladies and gentleman, this question has been on Mr.K's for sometime now. If you are lost, we are talking about Ms.Katie Holmes.

Pictured to the right is the very beautiful Ms.Holmes before she met tom cruise. Here is an extremely talented actress, who has achieved considerable success in tv serials and had a breakthrough commercial hit in "Batman Begins". She is in her mid twenties, a career that is on the upside and finds herself as "the lady i love" of this universe's bonafide most successful superstar - Tom Cruise. Everything looks just as rosy as her cheeks - or is It?

Ms.Holmes seemed so much in love and exhibited an exuberance in her expression of love for her man, which has not been seen on Hollywood for ages. Don't believe me?. Check out the picture at the top left.

They looked like "Americas's ( Oops ) even Europe's and APAC's sweethearts". Even Oprah's Sofa was not spared Tom's antics.

But what's this -a very pregnant Ms.Holmes looking like - she needs a better shoulder than Tom's to cry.

every news magazine and news channel have had something to say about TomKate (Not Tomcat - you nerds ), but the picture reveals more than any journalist can.

1) Is she just a pawn in the whole scientology gimmick - just forced in to a relatioship with Mr.Cruise to bear a child for Scientology cult

2) Do you even believe that Tom could be the father of the kid - considering his mysterious divorce from Nicole Kidman and his preference for "Brokeback Mountain" ranches :)

3) Is she doped - drugged - brainwashed to keep giving a dazed smile and look to the cameras.

whatever it is, it surely isn't sitting pretty on Mr.K. It is quite depressing to see this "TomKat" and maybe it is time we sold some purple silicone wrist bands with the words "please help me save katie"..

Okay - got to check on "Brangelina" now..Adios


.. said...

mr. k,

if you think we should start selling colored wrist bands for all the sad and depressed celebrities out there, we will end up running out of colors ...

appreciate you care (or should i say desire) for ms. k, but really dude, take a break and get yourself a pizza!

cheers! r.

Anonymous said...

dude..u need to put up more pics of Tom..:-)

.. said...

not quite sure what's eating suri's mom, but we definitely can tell what's eating you!