Thursday, May 18, 2006


one of the blogs that Mr.K frequents is this particular blogger has a curious mix of writings on digital media and nba, an extremely odd mix some would say. at first glance, it would look like some "maverick"s ranting..but keep reading and you get fascinated. more so once you realize that the blogger goes by the name "mark cuban",the billionaire owner of Dallas Mavericks and HDNet - the guy who made so much money during digital boom of the late 90's. his mode of travel - my friends - a cool personal boeing that would give mr.president some food for thought..

an interesting thing that happened last week was a blog post by cuban..cuban has always been someone, who is shamelessly forthright. never one to hide this thoughts and a strong believer of the "land of liberty's first amendment". in the post, cuban let rip his thoughts on the way nba playoffs officiating works..the gist of it was that nba was being too socialistic trying to reward a lot of people and ending up screwing up the system. what happened after this post was more interesting..

a) the powers that be in nba fined cuban 200,000$ dollars for his blog comments..
b) the officials then went far too soft on the mavs's next two games against the spurs and the mavs find themselves one win in their homecourt short of western conference finals..

this was one killer corporate strategy, wasnt it - rant and sound like a whiner but float seeds of doubt on your opponents - lose the battle, but win the war..sun tzu would have been proud of our maverick..come across like an idiot, boot yourself a bill of 200,000$ and end up winning 10 million dollars for each game win cause the officals are afraid to piss you off now..the most striking thing about this is the medium used - "blog". dare i say friends, do we have a new media that has the potential to rival media houses..people like cuban are taking it to the next level, so don't stay behind - get yourself a nice drink and setup yourselves in blogspot and blogaway ;)..


the other unrelated part of this blog now deals with one of the most endearing and at the same time, most hated character in the history of english fiction " gollum smeagol"..the embodiment of "multiple personality disorder, bipolar, schizophrenic, twin faced .." there is a lot out there to know about gollum's story and his love for "his precious"..but what does provoke some thought is "He hated it and loved it, as he hated and loved himself. He could not get rid of it. He had no will left in the matter - LOTR". makes mr.K wonder if all of us did have a "gollum inside their smeagol".. a gollum that is created by desire, attachment and wants..we all have our "precious" and we all have our "we needs it, we needs our precious, we hates it, we hates thieves" times..

the precious is laughing and making a fool of us..find a hobbit soon to destroy it..:)

ps: have added a wonderful blog in the more blogs section. - it is run by a pal and ex employee of the firm..way to go labnol -

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