Friday, August 03, 2007

eight and counting

be warned - this post for a change will not be from Mr.K. It will be from me. Its about me, so to make it simpler, this post will be in the first person.

this july 19th, i completed 8 years as a software professional. thought will steal a moment to pause to look back on how it has been so far and see whats ahead. there have been plenty of things i have learnt over these 8 years. here are some of them.

1. there is always someone better than you and earning more than its no good comparing against others. it is more important to understand where you are with respect to what you were yesterday and to what you want to be tomorrow. matters a lot that you do the right thing always. it matters a hell lot more that you understand that only thing that is right is the thing suggested by the "powers to be". but what matters the most is you have the "right contacts"
3.the system is what it is. don't fight it. learn to flow with it and live with it and make it work for you.
4.remember, you are never as good as what they say you are. you are never as bad what they say you are. just hold your ground.
5.there is no room for friends,mates,trust and all that. most of them are pretenders. you become one too and don't feel guilty about it.
6.there could be a hundred things going wrong, a hundred people who feel hard done. listen to their woes and say "tough luck". fight only your battles. doesn't give second chances. seize the opportunities. else you will be left wondering if you get a chance when you reach heaven. it is always tough living with a feeling that "i didn't give it my all". trying and failing is always better than not trying at all.

just to sum up how these 8 years has been to me, i split them in to three parts - 3-2-3. the first 3 was all about learning, energy, results and being happy with an uncluttered mind. the middle two was tough, depressing and reached the lowest point reassembling a "dark night with no MOON around". then the GODS took pity on me and i woke up to the song "Here comes the SUN". it just made me connect to myself and feel the warmth inside. the last 3 years have definitely been on the "more better than bad" side.

whats on the anvil when the 8Th year ends?. - well, i am just going back the place where it all started.


Arvinth said...

If u forget u'r past than u r condemned to repeat it da....nice that u had time to look back....

Anonymous said...

Don't you think it is too long to remain in hibernation.