Sunday, December 14, 2008

the week that was..

seven observations from the last seven days. 

1. Asin looks gorgeous in ghajini promos
2. If makes a movie based on a "particular country" and titles it "Living in Denial" - which country would we be talking about?
3. "changing things around" basically means "changing things only when its easy and advantageous"
4. if you have the power, you can change rules as per your wishes and whims 
5. six thinking hats is really a powerful way of finding the "right solutions". unfortunately no one wants the "right solutions"
6. future new york times bestseller - "the art of (I)influencing (P)eople by (L)eadership" by Kevin Pietersen. 
7.sunshine has gone hiding behind the clouds. hopefully it comes out with its full glory soon


Inigo Fernando said...

i see god in you

current said...

i am eagerly waiting for the release of ghajini movie.