Tuesday, November 29, 2005

On The Waterfront..

After a brief hiatus, which turned out to be not so brief in the end, Mr.K (on most legal documents, he goes by initials KS...but since it sounds stupid, he shall be called only Mr.K by us) is spotted again in blogspot. Much has changed since the last time we read Mr.K's musings..LPY's reign ended in Bihar, Indian cricket is rising unlike Mangal Pandey, Mr.PG ran in 10K, Mr.I,Mr.SBR,Mr.VKM are now working out of "The Firm's" new world class facility..well the list is long..just about everything and everyone is changing - and some changes just leave you wondering "do ppl even realise that they have changed"..

Anyways since we are on "changes", another thing that has changed is the "The City's" famous necklace. She now has a new hangout place just adjacent to the appropriately named "Ini-Mini" street. Its a nice waterside bistro identified as "Waterfront". Mr. I and Mr.SBR had given very positive reviews about the place and this prompted Mr.K to suggest the place to a friend of his for the friend's bday dinner. The plan was hatched and the execution set for few days later.

The hostess, host and the guest were fortunate enough to get a table just overlooking the "Lake HS"..the sky was starry and the the water as calm as the Buddha..the restaraunt has a nice ambience and a very nice "pier" feel to it. The lighting could be better and definitely more tables than desired. This makes one feel that people are not just eating the food but also the space. Thank heavens - literally for getting a spot near the water..then one can gaze at the stars.. thank heavens also for the fact that it was a "table for three"..Mr.K has been left with no answers to Mrs and Mr.M always for the empty fourth seat.

The conversation as always bordered from the latest personal happenings to inane howlers and just about everything from home loans to C&H and Marvin in "hitch hikers guide to galaxy"..there was a considerable amount of time spent on the significance of the number 2 in Mr.K's life..Mrs.M - the big fan waxed eloquent on Mr.Seth's writings and could not understand how Mr.M and Mr.K could find the hitchhikers a fascinating book. Girls, Guys, Money were "the usual suspects" in the conversation over the food..and food i must say was very good. Anyone who is fond of Seafood should try the chilli flavoured fish..the accompaniments was most wonderful - specifically the live music. The musicians played various tunes - from Godfather to Woh Raatein Woh Lamhe..to sum it up, the place is very good - just as a good glass of "French White Wine" - it grows on you till you realise that the clocks have not co-operated with you.

"The Waterfront" restaraunt is just as worth experiencing as the powerful Kazan's movie "On the Waterfront", which propelled Marlon Brando to be "The Godfather" years later. Its an experience which doesn't "touche" you and doesnt create "fusion -9 senses" but leaves you feeling pleased.

For "Coyotes" who are stuck in "intrigue" wish they could slow down a little and be in Feel Good Inc ever. They must start making their own shoes, stop dancing to music of Gorillaz in happy mood and keep a mild groove on..


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