Sunday, February 05, 2006

"The Big Three" Missed Out

Life just is not fair sometimes...Most awards are not fair all the time... How else would you explain "the big three - Mr.KVSB, Mr.IF (Damn, his initials must have been the most worshipped in computer programming) and Mr.K" not finding a mention in the 2005 Web Blog awards.

have always believed most of the awards are farce..this just vindicates my belief..talking of awards the oscar nominations are out..guess "Brokeback Mountain" will win many. SRK must be disappointed about Paheli missing out. Dunno what on the earth made this as the Indian entry, when a movie like Page3 could have been sent - it probably had a better chance ( Should i say a far better chance of being nominated ) - the simple reason being - this is the year of "Queers". Go take a look at all the nominations and Page 3 had its fair share of "Queers" in it.

Anyways lets wrap this blog with the top 10 happenings since last time we met in the blog world( No specific order of {Ir}relevance )
1) Big news to Bloggers - KVSB is now a married man. Get ready to read a lot of cooking recipes in his blog :)
2) SBR is hooked - PG gets his 50 K only next year. Still not sure if "The Bet" has been lost.
3) Roger Federer wins another Slam. (Well thats like saying the sun rises in the east ) - Martina Hingis wins a Slam (well our man Hesh helped her )
4) India were on the verge of a famous victory against Pakistan at Karachi after the first 10 overs - only to have victory snatched in the next 3 days ( i know there are a lot of people who are saying if only it was a 20/20 game). GOD save a team who cannot win after making the opposition 39/6 in a green top - tell you what, there is no point having an "aussie" coach. We need players from Oz - Dizzy, Lehmaan, Blewet, Elliot, Kasper and Martyn would be more beneficial to us than Chappell.
5)In papers - Son betrays Father and forms government with opposing party - It happens only in India. ( Truth - Son and Father are making a mockery of Indian Political System)
6)Mr K is still busy with work on weekdays and getting his house done on weekends.
7) Hero Honda "Saregamapa" has become a farce. They kicked out Himani and the finalists - Vineet and Debojit ( Good singers ) are nowhere as good as Himani is.
8) Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are having a baby. Jennifer Aniston is fuming and about to pen a "tell all" book - What a prospect. The star of "Friends" talks about "Enemy" :). More interesting fact - Jennifer and Gwyneth Paltrow supposedly spend endless hours on phone talking Mr.Pitt. Must be more interesting to tap their phone than Mr.Amar Singh
9) The capsule lift in "The Firm" malfunctioned not just once but twice. There is an interesting pattern. It fell only one floor both times. Tell you guys - these are all "Sinister Days". The interesting study of its "Fall Pattern" was obviously done by Mr. INF
10) When some one asks you what you doing - don't ever reply " Iam inhaling O2 and exhaling Co2" or its variant "i am breathing" or "iam taking breath". Though you are actually stating a fact, it is considered to be "rude","sarcastic","cold". If you were attempting to be humorous with such a reply - then you need to take a serious look at yourself. you could be in the running for "The Razzy Awards For the Most Original Stupid Humor" Award.

As they say "Anything starts with an award must end with an award - just like this blog".


Anonymous said...

The Big 3 missed out in this blog
1. Airport strike
2. Koti fire incident
3. Rang de Basanti

Anonymous said...

posted at 6:39 AM. Hope its not IST. If it is, then whats wrong with you Juicy?