Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Paint It Yellow..

a.k.a "rang de basanti.."...if you are wondering what is"PIY" ?. It was supposed to be the title of the english version - but i think as Rakesh Omprakash Mehra transformed to Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, he dropped the idea of making it bi-lingual ( Or should i say tri-lingual, cause there was enough Punjabi thrown in to it).

The movie, that has sparked an "Awakening" in Box-Office, if not in the minds of Indian youth. The movie that has its fair share of controversies - from the defense ministry raising objections to certain parts of the story to animal rights activists demanding certain "Objectionable Content" to be removed..the movie which has even had captured the imagination of "Special Interest Goings" :) (SIG) of "The Firm" ( Disclaimer - to be taken in Right Spirit and With Right Spirit ) and now the movie has made an appearance in your "sun,moon,coffee and chatter" blog..

As Mr.Mehra waits and waltzes for "Generation to Awake", this blog gives its thought on the movie..

RanDom thoughts on Blog - I
i) technically brilliant movie..excellent cinematography..some of the shots in the movie are just simply stunning...the shot of the MIG flying high over the 4 protagonists in the green field was wonderfully executed..
ii)Mr.Mehra needs to be commended on experimenting on the style of direction and editing..the narration of the "story of present" with the "faces from the past" calls for the "Best Director" award - period. Calls for a look from "the guys who present oscars" also IMHO. Remember the dialogue in the movie where DJ says the problem with Us Indians is "we keep fighting about the past and future that we are left ****ing in the moment" was an awesome one and have to say it is good to see that the director did not fall in to that trap at least with his narrative style.
iii)the story was weak..lacked the punch the tag line of the movie..

RanDom thoughts on Blog - II
i) it was good to see that actors not named Aamir Khan were able to hold their own against him and do a creditable job..
ii) everybody says that Siddharth was the best in the movie..i might be in the minority but i thought he was lousy..have to say he can't emote, can't act and what was that stupid squealing voice of his..the only thing he did in the movie was smoke, smoke and smoke more..
iii) Sharman joshi was excellent..Kunal and the Phirang actress ( daughter of the last governor of Hong Kong ) were also very good...whats wrong with Om Puri?.. Atul Kulkarni's role was not good enough to allow himself to be as good as he can be...
iv) Soha Ali Khan suited the part..she looked cute..and wonderful dressing sense...she left a job in wall street to pursue acting - damn maybe thats why they said "Generation Awakens"...
v) aamir was aamir...
vi) honorable mention has to be made of Waheeda Rahman, Anupam Kher and Madhavan..without them the movie would not have been complete...

RanDom thoughts on Blog - III
i) the lounge they showed in the movie was awesome...if anyone knows where it is, please do let Mr.K know
ii)not sure if anyone gave it enough ears..but if you see it again, listen to the music on the FM radio when Siddharth and Aamir reach the former's's one of the best Saxophone gig you would ever hear..A.R.Rehman is a two ways about it..
iii) the music is so grows on you like wine and women :)..Mr.PG might not agree with it..

Data + Information on RBD

this section - modeled on CNN's Truth+Rumours Section

i)RBD is become such a craze that "The Firm"s branding contest even had an entry called "Rang De Basanti" ---"Banque De Associate N Groups"...but most likely it will not win the award as not many people speak/understand French in "The Firm". ( Forget French, Even English is suffering the same fate..)
ii)Mr. SBR, plays only RBD in his car stereo..if you wan't respite you can listen to Abida Parveen's Sufi songs...guess it goes with Territory ( No PUN(jab) intended )
iii)If "Rang" and vibrancy is the theme of india these days...the new coffee shop in "The City" - Mocha is in line with this is full of rang..rang and more can try the world's best coffee there - called JBM ( Jamaican Blue Mountain for all Ignorant Cofeeholics )..

But Mr.Mehra, why "Paint it Yellow" is my question...


Anonymous said...

I feel Soha Ali was not as cute as she actually is (Dont ask me where I saw her etal. Happened to notice her on a TV interview where people are caught un-made-up). I like this chic.... Well shez, (n + 1) on my list...

You obviously belong to the minority Mr.K... (perhaps lonely)... Siddharth was just too good. The south Indians did make a mark in this movie(though Maddy didn't have much to do). You should be knowing that Maddy's role was intially proposed to SRK. News is that, SRK was appalled considering that one could offer him a role for a duration as short as 15 Mins that too when Aamir shares the screen.

BTW.. you seem to have watched the movie quite intently(very unlikely of you ;-)). Didn't take notice of the Sax. Shall do that when I watch it next time.


Suganya said...

I thought Kunal had the rugged handsome look that any girl (Oopsy...Times have changed)girl/guy would fall for. Maddy just can't act and I know I'll be butchered for this. While Siddharth can't emote, Maddy shouldn't try to emote.

I thought the movie was decent until the last part. I agree with sacrificing one's life for a cause only if it was unavoidable. I also found the jumping stunt in a shallow water body ridiculous. Directors... please pay attention to details. And finally, AK (Hey... I am getting better with these acronyms)can pull chunnis and show off some heroic bike rides but he can't fake his age anymore.