Monday, June 05, 2006

jesus, now what did we do..

here we go again..another movie got its boot - not only by critics but also the "so called religious morality groups". we ( mr.k and i ) are talking about ron howards critically panned movie adaptation of dan brown's "the da vinci code". the movie has been banned in quite a few states in india as most people ( read "the guys who are bothered only about votes") claim that the movie distorts biblical history. the movie claims that Jesus married mary magdalene, who gave birth to HIS kins. this truth - the book (and hence the movie) says has been hidden from humans for ages. it goes on to suggest that there is an existence of "templar knights" who guarded JC's descendants and the church went on a violent spree to extinguish these knights and hence the truth.

this controversy (no one knows if there is any truth to it) is an headache for the church to handle, but the truth of the matter is it is far too much of an headache for indian politcal system. wonder why the countries in europe, americas and australasia don't seem to have a problem with the movie, but India does. when the POPE in vatican does not go on any media asking for the ban of the movie, bishops in India do. are these guys talking their mind, or they talking what they have been asked to by the so called "secular" politicos of our country. whatever be the source of this protests, it seems to have achieved its cause and the movie has been banned, depriving of many cine-goers to get a glimpse of the beautiful audrey tautou ;-) {forget the movie, it is not much to talk about }. if JC did bear children and someone like ms.tautou was a descendant, one thing i can say is JC and MM ( Mary Magdalene for clarification) must have been very beautiful people.

as the movie gets banned these are the few things to ponder..

1. the movie was going to be released most likely only in multiplexes - where people of learned origin frequent and must surely possess enough intellect to understand its fiction
2. the movie goers were probably going to be spending more time debating on "book vs movie - which is better" than the "the biggest lie that was told to the world"
3. surprising that women groups did not want to press for the movie to be shown, as the whole idea behind leo da vinci's philosophy was that "feminine divinity" was deprived of its value by "the power hungry men"..
4. our politicians are useless and run our system like mafia
5. its going to be good time for movie piracy :)

my personal take on this thing is that we just don't seem to make crazy decisions based on religion and will continue to do so..ensuring we remain a "intellectually under-developed nation"
after all as tom hanks says to ms.tautou at the end "do you really want to tell the truth, do you really want to throw doubts in to the minds of millions faith, do you want to shake the very foundations of the system"?.. let me answer to that a) in the context of christianity, no - let the doubts not permeate the faith b) in the context of indian political system, what do you guys think?

Jesus, are you having a nice laugh up there with the games people play :)


Trip said...

Ha ha good post. Next thing we'll be teaching the theory of intelligent design and not evolution in school. this will keep people stupid, that will keep people poor, poor people are easily 'enlightened'. No disrespect to any religion, but why do we treat an institution (vatican) any different than a political entity and deal with them appropriately? its an independent state run by mortal ( and non elected) human beings. they have shown through centuries that they are not above greed for power and will use God for achieving it. They are not above using force, propaganda and unspeakable torture to destroy opposition. they are selling religion like commodity for profit. why the reverence??? revere God, the religion, the good things in it. why a bunch of fallible corrupt men and their machines and their desi agents?

.. said...

I think Einstein sums it all up very beautifully when he says [quote]
Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.

Anonymous said...


Check out, what the official website of Opus Dei had to say on the 'Da Vinci Code'. I remember reading the preface(or somewhere else) of the book wherein Dan Brown says that the Priory of Scion does exist. I did find some interesting facts thru Google...
On Priory of Scion
On Illuminati.