Sunday, September 17, 2006

mr.k and his 26 "mortal heroes"

in many ways, this post is a sequel to the previous one, after dishing about superheroes and why we need them, thought process shifted direction towards "mortal heroes". another that was running amok on the brain cells was what if i was forced to name one "mortal hero" for every english habit, would we have that this attempt is to use every english alphabet ( for the fear that i would end up not using 24 )

its easy to find "mortal heroes" everywhere - quite a lot walk this earth, but in the next few blocks of writing, i am going to restrict them to mr.k's sports heroes and list out his 26 headliners.

lets start..
A - the first alphabet is very simple to fill..look no further than the las vegas punk kid who grew up to become sexiest buddha man sports ever knew - Andre Agassi - bandana, broken marriages, bald head, blistering return of service. winning a challenger event one year and the french next year, if thats not heroic, nothing is (anil kumble ran a close second)
B - could have said Boom Boom Boris quite easily but have to give it out to Brett Favre - american football's mean tough quaterback. months after losing his father and brother-in-law and hours after finding out his wife has cancer - leads his team to divisional title - simply stunning
C - chrissie, chrissie, chrissie..has women's tennis ever seen a more demure player, elegance coupled with that single minded determination to be the best. where are players like evert anymore
D - it would have been easy to say the Don, but having never seen him play its got to be Derek Jeter. even the die-hard boston red sox fan would find it difficult to fault the yankee captain for anything, not even his growing celebrity list of ex-girlfriends
E - eeeeeeee ?
F - world cup 2006 went to italy and one man made it possible more than anyone - Fabio cannavaro. his initials might be "F" but there was nothing "F" about his performance, it was a straight "A++"
G - the pigeon of ancient delivered mails accurately, the pigeon of australia delivers his overs accurately - glenn mcgrath - stand up and salute this guy
H - easy to choose, Harry Potter :)..he is the star of Quidditch. no seriously for all the bribery allegations, no captain lead his team as respectfully as Hansie Cronje, GOD rest his soul in peace
I - once the playboy pathan now turned the pitiable politician, but in between the two roles, he dorned the role of pride pakistani many times - captain marvel, Imran Khan Niazi
J- Justin Langer, just for the sheer number of times he has got hurt in his helmet and continued to battle - short in stature, tall in grit
K - still the only captain to have won the WC for India - the haryana hurricane - kapil dev nikhanj, if only he could do better commentary
L - livestrong lance
M - martina (both hingis and navratilova), michael(both jordan and schumacher), muthaiah, magic all are heroes, but the best of them is the one who made the horse prancing all over again, schumi made F1 what it is today - all rise for the KING
N - N for nobody :). (though mr.k did think of nadia comenci for the perfect 10 and natasha zverava for the imperfect 6-0,6-0 )
O - obi wan kenobi and his jedi trix with the light sabres :)..or maybe oliver kahn with his goalie tricks
P - sorry patrick, i simply loved the way you played tennis and you looked - but Pistol Pete is the MAN (14 grandslams and that stunning wife to boot) not bad not bad at all
Q - well Q becomes Q? and mr.k does not have any A for that
R - one is a poetry in motion, GOD wielding his tennis racquet to create beauty and the other is a wall that stands tall - Roger and Rahul, thank you for all the beauty
S - so many so many - Steffi, Stefan, Shane, Sachin but for a "waugr", you need a waugh - steve that is and who can forget the Udayan thing he does so well.
T- in wild wild Woods Tiger a sport where along with the white balls the players are also predominately white, this man changed it and now owns it. a true hero
U - U, i mean U all, ofcourse all of you out there are heroes in your own right
V - Sir Viv Richards. the nonchalance, the brute, the arrogance, the talent and yes - the Queen bestowed him with knighthood
W - the sultan of swing - dire straits were thinking about wasim akram
X - mr X
Y - Y is not there anYone.?
Z - the one with the enlightened head, paris -19 98 - the head knocks in two goals that knock down brazil, berlin - 2006, the head knocks down not the ball but mad marco, what an end to the most fascinating frenchman of all time, the butt(well headbutt, you perverts) that mortalised the divine Zizou - Zinedine Zidane

and that ladies and gentleman were mr.k's picks and you can observe that we could use more than two letters in our daily lives


Inigo Fernando said...

you missed out "E"lton John and many other people

Inigo Fernando said...

dude, you missed out "Diana", "Elton John", and few other names which i don't want to put it as a comment :-)