Sunday, August 20, 2006

why we need superheroes...

in america, there are republicans and then there are democrats. in england, there are conservatives and there are india there are....hmmm...well forget it - there are just so many divisions and sub-divisions that you need to make your brain a calculator. with so much diversity prevalent in people, mr.k is convinced that if you ask anyone if they like peter parker, clarke kent, bruce wayne or they would prefer their masked versions (spiderman, superman and batman), there would be an unanimous reply.."give me the masked one anyday"

we love heroes - those who protect you by fighting wars, those who stand up for truth, those who are winners in sporting arena..but our love grows super-sized when it comes to super-heroes. why do we adore our super-heroes so much? why do we want them to succeed at all cost? why as kids we wished that we were them?..why as adults we are frustrated that we are not them?

is it our inability to face up to troubled times?. is it our greed to have everything easy in life? are we finding it hard to accept our weaknesses? is it a need for us to be loved by everyone?

probably we are embarassed by our misgivings, probably we are shy of our feelings, probably we are scared of our emotions, probably we need a hideaway...

or it might be just a simple reason - it allows us to dream, to fantasize, to forget all our pains, to shine and to win..

it is the reason, why we love when batman when he solves the riddler. it is the reason, why we love superman when he de-flexes the lex luther, it is the reason, why we love spiderman spin many a web on the bad men..

super-heroes give us hope..a hope that will make us commit to ourselves to "float on"..and we don't want them to stop giving us hope..

it is why we all would love to see "apna" sachin score a boundary that will make us india the world champions next year in the is why we are energised by seeing srk say "iam the king" in don and wish for don to be a super-hit..

~ bring on the mask

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Ask Whiz said...

India always needed super-heroes.. be it politicians, officers or whoever..