Friday, November 24, 2006

on happenings - normal and normal not..

it has been nearly 2 months ( that is nearly half a quarter ) since mr.k had something to say here, and fortunately or unfortunately for you, ( totally based on your perspective ) some ir-relevant happenings come under scrutiny here.

thought about the happenings of the last two months in, around and everywhere in the world and decided to categorize them in to the normal and the not-so normal. so here we go.

1. the firm has now spun-off and officially it would be two by mid 07.
- it has got most people interested and in-"{some cases" nervous, now that is normal.
- there are people who would have to be part of this new entity, who want to stay back -
now that is not so normal.
- and there are someothers who want to go the other way - normal? not so normal?. or
maybe it is just personal ;P
2. a 3 year old kid of a bigshot in a reputed software firm is kidnapped.
- the parents are distraught and want less media intrusion and media responds in the way
it does "irresponsibly" - normal
- the boy comes back, the parents are happy, the police are thanked and the media doesn't
have a clue as to what transpired ?. not so normal "investigative journalism"
3. britney spears divorces kevin federline (i belive she texted "oops, i did it again" to him to tell that)
- two babies in two years and then irreconcilable differences :)...dare to think of how many
federlines if they were not having any differences :)..really "not so normal" behavior
- hey, the heartbroken kev is now threatening britney that she could have " i had a paris" thats so "normal". yes ms.spears you did do it again..and again..and again..:D
4. share music. listen to music. enjoy music
- when you share music with others and they listen and have a good time, its such a beautiful
thing, music does bring a sense of serenity. its a normal thing
- but when it is sharing music that is equivalent to a strange cosmic activity, it is quite 'not so
normal' but this is just 'not so normal' but NICE. very NICE
5. sporting headlines
- the "money grabbing models" who pretend as "cricketers" got thrashed by proteas and
punter pummelled the poms to submission on the first day of the most expected test series
that we have to say "its not just normal, but boring". so much for close contests.
- thorpedo retired at 24. chelsea lose a uefa cup match (barcelona is crying foul) - strange

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Anonymous said...

Dude you missed few lines about Price Lara and this years run machine MYousuf. Forgotten about GOD of tennis, since u posted a blog after 2 months you should have covered about SRK's -DON too.