Monday, February 12, 2007


mr.k loves the english alphabets..the good old "a" to "zee", it is after all the fundamental building block of communication (discounting text messaging or what is widely known as sms ) i decided to bring about some viewpoints and thoughts (of mr.k ) on some english words..words, which missed the list - well they were simply not thought about. so here you go.

on (A)pple - that which attracted Eve, then fell on newton, keeps the doc(i know someone is blushing ;-)) away, now makes i-pod and more recently i-phone
on (B)irth - the eternal welcome ceremony that is common to all living elements
on (C)hildhood - the phase of life when you looked forward to every new day ;)
on (D)eath - oops, so soon ? :).. the day when you stop judging and you are judged ( if you go to a paradise ( not the hyd restaraunt) or to doomsbury ( smile on my face cause i came up with a word, which sounds like a english village and we all know england is as close to doom we can get in our world)
on (E)nlightenment - that which made siddhartha in to buddha
on (F)ood - that which gets reviewed by everyone and that which everyone can't live without ( could have written about family and friends, but decided not to as it doesnt have a clear definition )
on (G)OD - HE who makes the statement "dont believe in what you hear unless you see" as downright stupid. [ have a confession to make, was so tempted to write about GODDESS instead of GOD, but then i might have had to let a CCD confession out ]
on (H)ealth - the biggest wealth, which everybody ignores till they meet death :D
on (I)ndia - Krazee Kiya re, Krazeee kiya re - that which stands for "chaos is craze"
on (J)ewellery - that which fools think can make women love you more, get a life losers, if your women loves you more for the jewels you buy, then she is "no women" :D
on (K)iss - [ don't go in to dreams now ], the only thing that french are considered to be the best
on (L)ove - something that would befuddle einsteins of this world but would be so beautifully explained by the buddhas,krishnas and us :D [ okay karan johar too ;)]. Since we talked about love, we should also talk about its evil twin
on (L)ust - that everybody has it ( well not necessarily for opposite sex) but loathes to admit it
on (M)arriage - that which is made in heaven, but if you don't respect it could take you to Hell
one more M - on (M)oney - the greatest ever seductress known in the "universe book"
on (N)irvana - seattle rock band ;-) [caught you, you thought i would act philosophical again, didnt you ;-)]
on (O)ffice - where you understand that life is a two faced coin [ up/down]
on (P)rayer - so powerful, that it is more powerful than "power" itself
on (Q)ueen - someone who even the best of Kings are attracted to
on (R)aise - that which you hope for every year during appraisal and that which keeps proving "hope is the most mysterious weakness of mankind(okay woman kind for fairer sex readers)"
on (S)mile - cure for many illness, not patented too, but becoming quite corrupted and adulterated these days
on (T)ax - till this world ends, even if oxygen supply ends, this will continue to exist. it is quite possibily the best vacuum cleaner ever made with the highest suction capacity
on (U)niverse - read Douglas Adams 'hitchhikers guide to galaxy'. he sums it up beautifully that iam not even attempting to disgrace the master
on (V)egetables - when you buy it, you spend energy. when you eat it, you gain energy. didn't you guys read energy is never lost in translation - it is always converted. our good old vegetable proves the theory
on (W)ater - that even the alcoholics cannot ignore. [ thought about writing about wife, but mr.K overruled it as it falls under "to each his own" category]
on (X)erox - company which invented copiers. smart chaps, brilliant invention.
on (Y)ankee - one who thinks he has the GOD given right to Win everything and take everything that is in offer

on (Z)ero - the more you have in your bank account the more happier you are. except that it should not be the first digit.

guess next mr.k would write about 1 to 10..till then take care, make merry and love yourself.


Ashok Vedagiri said...

dude waiting for your next blog on 1,2,3....:)

Satba said...

lot of free time ? :-)

Prashant said...

wow ......never thought there cud b so much fitted into an ABC......u made it not an alphabet list but a take on life! Now i know y everyone in the family calls u a genius!